First and foremost we appreciate the opportunity to work with great carriers. Our Team works closely with reputable carriers to move freight efficiently across America. At Premier we believe that booking loads and getting paid for them should be a hassle free experience. We do everything possible to make that a reality for all of our carriers.

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Information for Carriers

Payment information

We have a simple two tier payment system available:

Quick Pay Standard Pay
Within 24 hours. Available Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST Net 30
3% of quick pay amount No fee
Payment Options: Check, T-Chek and ACH/Direct Deposit (20$ Fee)
Fuel Advances: We charge 3% of the fuel advance. Will be provided in the form of a T-Chek Lumpers We compensate for lumpers unless otherwise noted in rate confirmation. Requirements for payments: The Following is required in order for payment to be processed
  • • Bill of Ladings
  • • POD
  • • Lumper receipts (if applicable)
Send paperwork by email to or by fax to 315-790-6554 Detention For non produce loads detention of 4 hours is standard (no pay). After 4 hours detention is paid at 25$ an hour not to exceed 200$ per 24 hours. In order to receive pay for detention time Premier Logistics must be notified when unloading time approaches 3 hours. Carriers must have clear in and our times marked on the POD’s in order to receive detention pay. Failure to follow any of these guidelines may result in denial of detention pay.